Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas cookies

 Hi you all,
Gotta try to explain for you how I've made the cookies you have seen on the last Magnolia Ink magazine.
Because I've got some emails asking me how to make them here we go.
It's simple, fast and yummy! LOL

 First of all you gotta need to super clean your stamps to do it.
Then you'll need a new stamp pad with no ink on it.
You'll need coloring food, I've used the gel one.
You'll need a cookie recipe or you can buy some already done.
You'll need Magnolia Christmas stamps.
Royal icing to use as a glue.
And you'll need white modeling fondant paste.
I also used conffetis, edible pearl powder and edible glitter for finishing

 Once you have your fondant open, stamp it using edible ink.
I've used all in red, but any color goes well, you can also paint them with coloring food just like you do with your regular inks.

 Once the image and the fondant is dry, takes one day, you can cut around using your pair of scissors.
 Then glue the stamped images on the cookies using royal icing.
You can find the recipes for it on the internet.

 Decorate with conffeti and some sparkling glitter.

 I have baked my own cookies, but you can easily use industrial cookies as well.
Oh and you can also cut the fondant using cookie cutters such as stars and hearts.

 Put them in celophane plastic to protect and you can give it as Christmas treats for friends and family!

Hope you enjoy this idea.
And if you make some please show me, I'll be very happy to see your work and what you'll create.