Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sugar Cookies

Hello World,
Lucy is in da house to present you with this adorable sugar cookie.
You know here in Brazil is winter right now and it's a perfect time for baking some sugar cookies.
Who doesn't love sugar cookies?
Then what's better than to blen Sweet Tilda with sugar cookie?
I'm going to give you few tips on how to make it.
This is perfect for parties for the 5 o'clock tea or just as a precious gift for your friends and family.
I for sure will make tons of it!
Bake your basic recipie for sugar cookies and you find tons of it on google.
Once the cookie is baked and cold add a thick layer of royal icing and let it dry completely.
Mine took two days to be hard enough.
Then gently stamp your Tilda on the top of the icing.
Here I've used a brand new stamp to get food safe.
Use edible coloring food ink to stamp.
Using the gel coloring food as your "ink" use it as if you are painting on paper
and voila!
You will have unique treets to impress friends and family!

Finish it doing some piping with royal icing and add some pearls and a ribbon as a final touch.
And I trully hope you like it, make it,and enjoy it!